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Talks & Presentations

Knowform LLP (Invited)

Vedantu (Invited)


Equinox Astrophysics Program, Naxxatra Club (Invited)

Science Club, College of Engineering, Pune (Invited)

Astro Club, Fergusson College, Pune (Contributed)

  • Effects of CMEs on Earth’s Thermosphere                                                            12/06/2020

  • Basics of Observational Astronomy                                                                        10/12/2019

  • Introduction to Asteroid Hunting                                                                            06/07/2019

Poster Presentations:

Fergusson College, Pune

Technical Skills

Languages:  Python, LATEX, Bash, C

OS:  Windows, Linux, MacOS

Productivity tools:  Git/GitHub, Overleaf, Microsoft Office, Slack, Google Docs

IDEs:  VSCode, Jupyter, Spyder, Pycharm, IDLE

Python Tools:  NumPy, SciPy, AstroPy, Corner, Emcee, RMFit

Visualization:  Matplotlib, Origin

Eclipsing Binary Analysis:  PHOEBE, ellc, JKTEBOP, EBAI, Lightkurve

Observatory: The SkyX Pro, TPoint, MaxIm DL Pro Suite, N.I.N.A, ImagePlus, IRAF

Astronomical Instrumentation

Reflectors: PlaneWave CDK20, Celestron CGX EQ 925 SCT, Celestron 8 SE, Sky‑Watcher 8‑in Dob, GSO 8‑in Dob, StarTracker 150EQ, Sky‑Watcher 150EQ, Celestron 130EQ‑RA motor

Refractors: StarTracker 90mm AZ, Vintage 90mm Refractor – EQ (Pier)

Mounts: Paramount ME mount
Sensors: Apogee Alta U9000X CCD camera, ZWO‑ASI120MC CMOS camera, Canon 700D & 1500D DSLR Camera

Filters: Johnson’s UBVRI filtersSolarite Solar Filter, GSO (1.25”): #23A LIGHT RED Filter, #80A MEDIUM BLUE  Filter, Moon Filter

Radio: 3m & 4m Dish Type Simple Radio Telescope – AZ, SpectraCyber I/II 1420 MHz  Hydrogen Line Spectrometer, RTL‑SDR V3 Dongle

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